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Fat Burning Questions

Depositphotos_11443997_originalIt’s no surprise that fat has a highly negative reputation; after all, it’s the substance everyone who desires a healthy body is trying to lose. Would you like to know the answers to these top questions about fat?

  • Does Fat Have a Taste?
  • Does Fat Have More Calories Than Other Nutrients?
  • Is All Fat Bad?
  • Is It More Dangerous to Have Belly Fat?
  • When You Lose Weight, Where Does It Go?
  • What is the Best Exercise For Burning Fat?
  • Does Muscle Actually Burn More Calories Than Fat?
  • Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?
  • Can Eating Certain Foods Help You Shed Fat?
  • What role does it play in our bodies?


We consulted a number of weight loss and exercise experts and dissected the latest studies to answer your fat burning questions about the dreaded three-letter word.

Watch out for our upcoming series of articles that will answer these questions and give you the fat burning facts.